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  The Air Bandit Filtered Bandana Story  

That December when my family and I moved to a new home in the country – complete with a huge lawn and big shade trees, a garden, and citrus trees – I became the Gardener-In-Chief.

I loved those hours working in the yard, but unexpectedly my health deteriorated seemingly overnight. Coughing spasms doubled me over, gasping for air. My throat ached constantly. My voice cracked. Soon these symptoms were constant, rapidly growing worse and more persistent. "Allergies," the doctor said, writing out prescriptions. Like untold numbers of allergy sufferers before me, I found that allergy medication made me drowsy and lethargic.

I tried wrapping a bandana across my face. Easy to wear, but of little help. A disposable dust mask from the hardware store provided better filtration, but was brutally uncomfortable and did not seal properly.

An idea dawned: Why not combine a comfortable bandana with a more effective and efficient air filter?

Spurred by hope, I found the best filtration material possible: a soft, supple, and a sustainably-grown blend of organic cotton and bamboo fibers. (Bamboo is a natural antibacterial, eliminating any need for chemicals to treat the fabric that can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and environmental harm and kills and discourages the growth of bacteria. Organic cotton provides warmth in cooler climates, and wicks away perspiration in hot weather.)

It really works! With the Air Bandit I can stay in the yard for hours; kicking up dust with my tractor mower, leaf blower and weed eater, without experiencing any allergic reactions or symptoms. I could breathe again without the need to take pills.

Mowing with the Air Bandit

Your Lungs, Your Life!

Air Bandit in use

The Air Bandit Filtered Bandana is a well-constructed safety product, comfortable, lightweight and functional. Its FlexFit Nose Bridge ensures a snug seal around nose and cheekbones minimizing gaps. A large Velcro fastener in back provides a secure fit for men and women of all sizes. The filtration material reaches generously across your face and down below your chin all the way to your upper chest – significantly more filtration area than a conventional dust mask. The Air Bandit Filtered Bandana can be tucked in to a shirt collar or secured below the chin with a rubber band for added protection from particulate matter and the harmful, potentially long-term damaging effects of smoke, road grime, allergens, pollen, airborne pathogens, carcinogens, dust, H1N1 Virus and more.

Air Bandit Filtered Bandanas are used by fire fighters throughout the US and Canada, and are supported and endorsed by the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation ( They're great for anyone who works and plays outdoors – ideal for construction and clean-up work, woodworking, road crews, roofers, landscaping, allergy sufferers, farming, ranching, motorcycle and off-road vehicle riders, wild land evacuations and more.

Practical and affordable, the Air Bandit Filtered Bandana makes a great gift for yourself, a family member, co-worker, employee and friends. Let them know you care. Keep one in your emergency preparedness kit, garage, car, truck, boat or RV, tractor, work locker, back pocket, back-pack or saddle bags.
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