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  Air Bandit Frequently Asked Questions:
Is the Air Bandit filtered bandana washable and reusable?
Absolutely! The Air Bandit can be hand washed with soap and water and should be air dried with the filter material exposed for best results. Prior to washing run hot water through the back side of the Air Bandit to allow any built up particulate matter to be purged and flushed out of the filter material.
Is the Air Bandit filtered bandana available in stores?
Yes.  At this point it may be hard to find in stores, but we are signing on new retailers every day. If you are a retailer and would like to carry the Air Bandit filtered bandana you can email us at
Is the Air Bandit filtered bandana fire proof/fire retardant?
No! The Air Bandit is not fire proof or fire retardant and should not be worn when in close proximity to fire or flames. Doing otherwise could result in serious injury.
Can I use the Air Bandit filtered bandana for painting or spraying chemicals?
No! The Air Bandit is not a respirator  or gas mask and should not be used ever for protection against gases, vapors, chemicals, weed killer, fertilizers  or caustic materials such as fiber glass or asbestos. Improper use could result in serious injury or death. The Air Bandit should only be worn in well ventilated open areas and never in confined sealed spaces like a paint booth. Only a properly sealed mask intended and rated for those purposes should be used.
Why don't you offer more color choices or patterns?
Keeping the colors bold and plain is purely intentional. The Air Bandit's main purpose is function not fashion. We were also very concerned about any negative stereo types being associated with the Air Bandit and any relation to gangs or colors.
Will the Air Bandit filtered bandana fit a woman?
Yes. The Air Bandit filtered bandana is sewn with two generous pieces of Velcro strapping which can accommodate most women.
Does the Air Bandit filtered bandana have an N95 certification or is it NIOSH approved?
No. Currently the Air bandit is not NIOSH approved or N95 certified.
What gives the filter its anti-bacterial properties?
The Air Bandit utilizes bamboo fibers which have naturally occurring properties that kill and prevent the growth or spread of bacteria. Bamboo is also extremely earth friendly and  sustainable; capable of growing more than a foot a day.
How can I become a distributor, manufacturers rep, independent sales rep or retail dealer?
Please, contact us at We are looking for quality retail dealers, manufacturers and sales reps around the country and across the globe and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further.
Is there "Bulk Pricing" available for large commercial clients?
Absolutely. Contact us at
Can the Air Bandit be personalized with our company logo?
Absolutely, the Air Bandit is a very visible way for you to bring more attention to your business, organization, or, event. Whether you are a retail location, event sponsor, contractor, station house, or, charitable organization just provide us with camera ready artwork of your logo or event. Pricing will vary based on how many colors and how many units being run. For pricing and further information, please, contact us at
Will the Air Bandit restrict my breathing?
The first time you wear the Air Bandit it may feel awkward at first. It is not uncommon for you to become acutely aware of your breathing because it is no longer escaping freely or unobstructed. Generally it only takes a few minutes to become accustomed to the Air Bandit the first time you wear it.





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