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Ash protectionLeaf blower dirt protectionDust  protection while cleaning your eves from cobwebsDust and dirt protectionDust and dirt protection while working on road crewsDust and dirt protection while mowing your lawnAir protection while working outdoors
air filtration designed for HARD-workin', HARD-playin' outdoor enthusiasts!
A portion of proceeds benefit the
FireFighter Cancer Foundation


Mis-use of this garment may adversely affect your health. It is important to realize that this garment and no respirator will eliminate the inhalation of all particles, nor will it eliminate the risk of disease, illness or death.

Do Not Use For:
Any toxic or harmful substance such as gases, chemicals, lead or asbestos. Many building products and insulation contain asbestos. Asbestos is toxic. If you think asbestos or any other toxin may be in your home or work site as this may cause asbestos fibers to be released into the air. Do Not Touch or disturb the material. Repair or removal of asbestos or any other toxic material should be done by a professional trained in methods for safely handling asbestos and other toxic materials or waste. Do not use in spaces where there is not enough oxygen to support life, or, where high concentrations of a toxic substance can occur! This could exist in confined spaces or as a result of activities or conditions that may displace oxygen in the space you are working. Always ventilate the space you are working in with fresh air. This garment does not supply oxygen and will not work for: Gases, Vapors, odors and oil particles.

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